Book Review: Thunderhead by Neil Schusterman

I make no secret of the fact that I was hugely let down by Scythe, one of the major YA releases of 2018. I loved the world and society, the concept of the Scythedom, and the secondary characters Faraday and Currie. However, I absolutely could not stand our protagonists Citra and Rowan. They are so boring, so flat, so wildly uninteresting and their romance is about as exciting as watching paint dry. However my friend encouraged me to take a chance on Thunderhead, the second book in the trilogy, because Citra and Rowan continue to be separated after the events of the first book. And wow, I really owe her for telling me this because I really enjoyed Thunderhead, contrary to all my expectations!

Weekly Wrap-Up: 06 December 2019

It's one of the last weekly wrap-ups of 2019!  My, how time flies! Between Christmas celebrations, seeing friends, and trying to wrap up at work before the holidays, I've been pretty busy and distracted. Therefore I haven't finished any new books this week, but I'm in the middle of a bunch of them!

Book Review: The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black

There were few books more highly anticipated in the YA fantasy genre than The Queen of Nothing. The concluding book in Holly Black’s highly successful Folk of the Air trilogy, every fan of the series has been desperate to get their hands on Queen of Nothing to find out how Jude's story ends. I thought the first book in the series was a huge mess and the second book was absolutely fantastic, so I was very curious to see what I'd think of the concluding novel. I didn't love Queen of Nothing, but thought it was a satisfying conclusion to the series.

Book Review: One of Us is Lying by Karen M. McManus

I hadn’t read much YA crime, however Truly Devious got me interested in the genre and I devoured a ton of it in October. One of the books I read during this binge was One of Us is Lying, one of the most popular books in this genre. Having heard so many mixed opinions on it,  I was super curious to see what the story was. One of Us is Lying is a delightfully twisted tale that reads like The Breakfast Club, but with more murder.