Review: Daughter of Smoke and Bone

I initially avoided Daughter of Smoke and Bone because, well, I really hated the US cover.  Shallow?  Absolutely.  However I recently read Taylor’s newest novel, Strange the Dreamer, and was swept away by her marvellous writing skills.  I decided to backtrack and dive into her best known series.

ARC Review: Lost Boy

While Peter Pan may have originated as a fairly modern play, it has fairy tale status in the public consciousness.  A boy who never grows up, an island filled with childlike wonder, and a grand adventure, the story of Peter Pan has been told by everyone from Disney to London's west end theaters – it is a tale that many children grow up loving.  

ARC Review: Flame in the Mist

I read The Wrath and the Dawn for the first time in anticipation of Flame in the Mist's release, but I really wish I hadn't -- I couldn't help but compare the two.  I did enjoy this book -- it has a well-constructed world filled with interesting men and women and a hint of magic.  But where The Wrath and the Dawn drew me in instantly, Flame in the Mist was a little more slow to start.

Review: Caraval

There was so much hype surrounding this book's release. From its stunning cover to the fantastical story, everyone wanted it. I found out about Caraval through social media -- you couldn't throw a figurative rock on Instagram without seeing a photo of its gorgeous cover -- and decided to pick it up.