Scottish Fiance Picks My February TBR

Hello all you wonderful readers!  I decided to do something a little different this month for my TBR -- I let Scottish Fiance choose what I will read. I picked out the books I know I need to read this month and let him choose the rest.  Was I worried?  Absolutely.  Did I need to be?  Well...kind of, yes.

September Reading Round-Up!

I feel like I’m saying this at the end of every single month, but seriously how is September already over?  This year is absolutely flying by! It has been a brilliant month for reading and for blogging.  Not only did I land myself on a few publishers's blogger lists, I launched my YouTube channel!  I'm not sure how you could miss that fact if you've been frequently reading this blog -- I'm definitely talking about it and linking it constantly -- but if you did, you can find my channel here 🙂