April 2018 TBR

So my intention for this month was to have essentially no TBR and 'shop my shelves' for books I've had lying around and may have forgotten about.  I decided to pick out a couple of priority titles and go from there.  Guess how many 'priority' books I picked?  14.  So I guess I unintentionally picked my TBR for April.  Whoops.

March 2018 Reading Round-Up

So March was an unexpectedly great month for reading.  I've been feeling like I've not been reading enough lately, but that's clearly not true.  Why?  I read 12 books in March.  12 books!  To be fair, they were a combination of full-length novels, shorter books, and graphic novels (which I absolutely power through).  Regardless, I'm so pleased with my progress!  This is going to be a long post, so I'm not really going to go into detail here.  I'll have reviews for each book I read soon!