Discussion: How has book blogging changed your habits?

It’s time for another discussion post!  I’ve seen a lot of people talking about how book blogging and BookTube have changed their reading habits.  I think that I’m a completely different reader than I was at the beginning of the year, when I started this channel.  So here are the ways that book blogging have changed the way I read!

Anti-Book Haul: A Wishlist

Hi guys!  I’m working on saving some cash at the moment because October was such disastrous month for book buying.  I wouldn’t call this a book buying ban -- mostly because that makes me want to buy books even more -- but we’ll say it’s a slow-down on my spending.  Besides, Christmas is coming soon, and books make the best presents (hint hint to anyone getting me something for Christmas).

Discussion: Genre Binge

So, I have a problem.  When I like something, I’ll go completely overboard and love it to death.  If I like a song, I’ll play it on repeat until I cannot stand to listen any longer (1997 was a tough year – to this day I cannot listen to ‘My Heart Will Go On’ because Little Justine just loved it so much).  It turns out, I do the same thing with books.

Discussion: How Do You Prefer to Read?

Readers are picky people.  We are loyal to our paperbacks, hardcovers, or e-books, and often will not buy a new book until it is in our preferred format.  Then, of course, there are others who are ‘hybrid’ readers.  Hybrid readers will happily read one book on their Kindle and the next in physical form.  So what kind of reader are you?