Weekly Wrap-Up: 21 December 2018

Christmas! Christmas! ChristmasChristmasChristmas! I'm heading home for Christmas tonight, can you tell? The week before the holidays always feels so incredibly slow and boring -- except for this year. Why is it so busy? Why am I running around frantically? I should be filling up on chocolate and holiday cheer!


Weekly Wrap-Up: 14 December 2018

One week until Christmas!  ONE WEEK UNTIL CHRISTMAS! I feel like the holidays can’t come quickly enough. Also, how is it still so busy?  It is truly a mystery. Despite my absolute love of the holidays, I feel like I haven’t been Christmassy enough this year. Perhaps that will change next week!  Now on to this week in books!

Weekly Wrap-Up: 07 September 2018

Happy Friday, all!  It seems crazy to me that the first week of September is nearly over.  This week has absolutely flown by -- I feel like I’ve been so incredibly busy.  On the bright side, the weather is starting to cool off (and I hope it stays that way), and optimum reading temperatures are on the horizon!  Get those blankets and jumpers out of the loft, guys.