Weekly Wrap-Up: 11 May 2018

Happy Friday!  This has been a short week here in the UK and it really did fly by.  I didn’t do a weekly wrap-up last week because there would have only been a couple days between my monthly and weekly wrap-ups, so this post will feature two weeks worth of books!


Weekly Wrap-Up: 27 April 2018

It’s Friday and I’m wondering where all the warm weather from last week has gone.  Is British summer already over? Say it isn’t so!  It's pouring rain here, which means it's perfect reading weather at least.

Weekly Wrap-Up: 20 April 2018

Happy (incredibly warm) Friday!  The weather has finally warmed up here in the UK and everyone is uncomfortably warm.  My Los Angeles heart is so thrilled to actually see and feel the sun again.  Sunny weather is almost as good as chilly rain for reading, so let's see what my week looked like in books.

Weekly Wrap-Up: 13 April 2018

Happy Friday!  It has technically been a short week for me, but I'm still so excited for the weekend.  This week was an incredibly exciting one, mainly because Scottish Fiance and I went to the Harry Potter Studios in London!  So much wizardy goodness was had and I'm still patiently waiting for my Hogwarts letter (it's 19 years late, but I'm holding out hope).  If you guys are interested, I can do a post with all my photos!

Weekly Wrap-Up: 06 April 2018

Happy Friday!  Why is it that four day work weeks always feel so long?  I feel like time has been absolutely dragging! This has been a really interesting week for reading.  I’ve had some ups and some downs, but it was rounded off nicely with a lovely author event last night!  Bonus: I have something exciting going on next week! First things first, I rounded off my own readathon!  Although I had a TBR of 4 books, I only managed to finish two.  However those books were both pretty sizeable and I ended up enjoying them both.  

Weekly Wrap-Up: 16 March 2018

Happy Friday!  My weekly wrap-ups went missing from the blog for the entire month of February. I was so busy with life stuff that I just didn’t get around to them. Also, there was a complete lack of internet in the new flat until this week. So here is the triumphant return of my weekly wrap-up posts! It’s a long one -- buckle up!