I’m Back!

Hi all! Sorry for being away for so long, I just knew I wouldn't be posting any updates to the blog while I was away on holiday. I did so little reading while I was there, which is quite shameful but we were so busy!

Forgotten Childhood Favorites

We all have our childhood favorites, the books that ignited our love of reading and stick with us through adulthood and are treasured memories.  From Harry Potter to Narnia, there are books that remain in our consciousness for our whole lives, but what about our forgotten favorites?  What about the books we read until the... Continue Reading →

April TBR Strategy

I've yammered on about how No Buy March clearly didn't work for me, so I'm implementing a couple of new strategies for reading down my TBR pile this month while keeping me a happy reader/buyer.

A Love Letter to Libraries

I've always had a close relationship with my local libraries. My mum and dad used to take my sister and me to our nearby Pasadena library branch, where we'd take our more books than our little arms could carry.

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