Book Review: The Royal Wedding Colouring Book by Adam Rushton

So here’s something a little different for you guys.  I was offered a copy of the Royal Wedding Colouring Book by Adam Rushton in exchange for an honest review. Now, I’m not obsessed with the Royals -- I think this younger generation is nice and the rest are sort of useless -- but you know that I have to represent Meghan when she gets married tomorrow!  What pairs best with prosecco and judging everyone’s outfit choices? Some therapeutic colouring, of course.


Book Review: Legendary by Stephanie Garber

Caraval was one of the biggest releases of 2017.  It was the book everyone was talking about for months!  Fully caught up in the hype surrounding that book, I read Caraval and was actually pretty disappointed -- I even listed it as one of my most disappointing books of 2017.  However, I fully acknowledge that the hype was probably the contributing factor to my unenjoyment. When Legendary was released, I was determined to read it early and beat the hype.

Book Review: City of Brass by S. A. Chakraborty

Ever since catching a glimpse of City of Brass’s gorgeous cover, I knew I needed it.  Something about it caught my eye and I thought, ‘yep, I’m going to love that book’.  I ended up with two copies of this book, my own finished copy and a digital ARC, and I’m not even upset -- it turned out to be the sumptuous, gorgeous fantasy novel I hoped it would be.