Weekly Wrap-Up: 14 December 2018

One week until Christmas!  ONE WEEK UNTIL CHRISTMAS! I feel like the holidays can’t come quickly enough. Also, how is it still so busy?  It is truly a mystery.

Despite my absolute love of the holidays, I feel like I haven’t been Christmassy enough this year. Perhaps that will change next week!  Now on to this week in books!


Books I read

The Library of Fates by Aditi Khorana

The Pale Blue Dot by Carl Sagan

I read two books this week, one physical book and one audiobook. The Library of Fates was a good read, but I feel like it could have been great. The beginning and end were the best bits, while the middle seemed to lose its way. I’ll have a full review coming up soon!

The Pale Blue Dot was a decent nonfiction audiobook, but the most remarkable part is the fact that Carl Sagan himself narrates a couple of chapters. He narrated an audio version of the book before his death and while most of the tapes had degraded, a few chapters were salvageable. I really liked hearing him speak his own words, and his wife Anna Druyan does a great job of narrating the rest. I didn’t find this book as remarkable as Cosmos, but I’m so pleased it read it.


Books I am currently reading

Empire of Sand by Tasha Suri

The Winter of the Witch by Katherine Arden

Pages and Co. by Anna James

I’m working my way through two books at the moment. Empire of Sand is my main read and I’m just over a third of the way in. I found the beginning slow to start, despite the lovely writing, and feel like it’s picking up. I’m not as in love with this book as I had anticipated, but I am really enjoying it.

The Winter of the Witch is stressing me out! Arden isn’t pulling any punches and I feel like I just need to set aside some time to really get back into this world. I don’t mind books that are bleak and brutal, but it’s hard to escape into a book that you know is going to be difficult.

I started Pages and Co. last night and am absolutely flying through it! I’m pretty disappointed in myself for doing my Best Books of 2018 video already because this probably would have made the list. Keep an eye out for the 2019 video I guess!

Books I bought

Contact by Carl Sagan

Rhapsody by Elizabeth Haydon

The Dragon Prince by Melanie Rawn

I raided the penny paperbacks on Amazon — oops.  I’m going to try to read older titles next year because I feel like I’m so caught up in new releases these days. These three books are just a head start!


Book post


Enchantee by Gita Trelease

I’m so thrilled to have a copy of this book in my hands! Enchantee is a story of magic and the French court of Marie Antoinette. What’s not to love?


NetGalley approvals

A Memory Called Empire by Arkady Martine

A Time of Blood by John Gwynne

I’m really looking forward to reading these, but it will probably be awhile before I can get to them. If nothing else, I have to read A Time of Dread before I continue the series!


That’s it for this week in books! In case you missed it, I posted my Best Books of 2018 video on YouTube – check it out!


What did you read this week? Did you pick up any great books? Are you fully in holiday mode like I should be? Let me know!


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