Discussion: Underrated Books



In the blogging community, we talk about books all the time.  But sometimes we get caught up in reading and reviewing the same books as everyone else, and great books can slip beneath our radar.  I wanted to take the opportunity to talk about a few books I really loved, but I think are underrated in the blogging community.


The Bone Gap by Laura Ruby


My review

I’m honestly stunned that this book doesn’t get more love.  The Bone Gap was sent to me by a book subscription service and it’s one of my favourites I received!  This contemporary novel is so fascinating and compelling, but I rarely hear people talking about it.  It has fantastical elements that blend perfectly with the real-life issues, plus a condition that is rarely talked about in books.



The Sacrifice Box by Martin Stewart


I received a proof of The Sacrifice Box from YALC in 2017, and I read it in the wintery months.  It’s such an incredibly fun book that I wish had a bit more hype. Reminiscent of Stranger Things, this book is set in the 1980’s and is so delightfully creepy and fun. It features friendships, horror, and a murderous teddy bear — what’s not to love?


I Am Thunder by Muhammad Khan


My review

Talk about a powerful book!  I Am Thunder is one of those rare books that every reader can relate to in some way. It not only deals with Islamophobia and racism, but also the burden of parental expectations, the breakdown of friendships, teenage relationships, and more.  One of the most criminally underrated books of 2018, I cannot recommend this one more. 


Spellbook of the Lost and Found by Moira Fowley Doyle


My review

What a find this book was!  After seeing it mentioned it on Twitter once or twice, I was captivated by the beautiful cover. I ended up picking it up and it was such an incredible read.  A contemporary novel with magical themes, it is so atmospheric and hypnotic. If you like witchy books, this could be a perfect pick for the autumn.


There you have it — a few of my favourite reads that I feel are so underrated in the book blogging community.  What are some of the books you think are underrated? Let’s chat!

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