May TBR Goals

It’s no secret that monthly TBR’s don’t do much to help me keep on track with my reading.  However, I don’t really want to move away from that format because it helps remind me what my reading priorities are, what I want to accomplish, and how many damn books I have.  I’m going to try something new in May. Instead of a list of books I want to get to this month, I’m going to have a set of reading goals instead.


Read at least three NetGalley books


I have been seriously slacking on my NetGalley reads and my ratio is really suffering.  Because of that, I have been declined for books that I’d really love to read and review early (ahem, Ace of Shades).  I’ve got a spreadsheet set up that shows me exactly how many books I need to read in order to reach certain ratios and, well, I’ve got some serious reading to do.  I know I’m going to read a bunch of digital books next month on holiday, however I want to get a head start in May and read at least three books from my NetGalley shelf.


Finish IT


I’ve been working on the audiobook for IT for about a month and a half (I think).  I’m nearly halfway through and I really need to dedicate myself to finishing it up.  It’s a whopping 45 hours long and I’m nearly halfway through. I am an Audible subscriber, so I still get one audiobook a month and have two waiting for me because IT is taking so dang long to finish.


Read at least one physical library book

I’ve been getting books from the library lately, which is great, but I’ve not actually been reading them.  My library system charges you £1.20 to put a book on hold and have it delivered to your local branch, which I’m more than happy to pay, but I just haven’t been reading any of the books I put on hold!


Finish Saga


I got the entire Saga graphic novel series from the library and I really need to get through them!  I read the first two over the weekend and absolutely loved them, but I need to continue on. These wont count toward the above goal.


Buddy read with Bethan!


I’m going to be participating in my first buddy read with Bethan from Bethan May Books this month!  We’re going to read Kings of the Wyld and I cannot tell you how excited I am!


Book club reading


My current read is Guns of the Dawn by Adrian Tchaikovsky, which I’m reading for the marvelous fantasy book club I am part of.  I haven’t consistently finished the last couple of books in time, so I’m determined to have this on read before we meet.


Those are my TBR goals for May!  What do you plan to read this month?  Do you have trouble sticking to TBR’s like me?  Do you have any books to recommend? Let me know!

14 thoughts on “May TBR Goals

  1. I am awful at sticking to TBRs, but I do sometimes set goals like I must read certain review copies. I am also very very guilty of not reading my library books, so I’ve set myself the challenge of returning everything before reserving any more. (I don’t have to read them all, jusy decide not to bother if I don’t really want to)
    Amy xx

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    1. I’m about 200 pages in and it’s really good! It has a great female character and a really interesting story. It’s quite long so I probably wont finish any time soon!

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    1. I’m such a mood reader that I usually only read one or two from my TBR as well. I’ve made an effort over the months, but I think it’s time I am more realistic and just choose goals 😀


    1. Thank you! It’s so daunting but SO good! I highly recommend the audiobook instead of the physical book — I feel like I’m getting through it much faster than I would reading a printed copy.

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  2. I am the worst to sticking to monthly TBR’s as well! My goal this month is to read at least one Netgalley title, read the fifth book in the Chronicles of Narnia, and then see what else I end up feeling like reading. It’s just hard to stick to a set list when I’m a mood reader

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  3. I found you at yor booktube channel and check out your blog, and yours are the first english written blog I now feel to read. I`m from sweden and have a bit trobble with my english, but more to write and speak, not read and listening to. But somehow I have not find any english written blog that I like. I blog at blogspot and have put your blog in a list there so I got a notice when you post on your blog.

    Saga is so ggod, and It i have troubble with too, take a long time to read it. I lend a lot of my books from the library and their due date make my not able to stick to my TBR that often. I just now read Ready player one, that I have done for a long time, and HP and the prisoner from Azkabhan, the illustrated one, And I need to finnsih Winter of Marissa Meyer ( that book have been on my Goodreads currently reading over a year now). And I have a lot of books in Swedish from the library to read.

    Good luck with your TBR reading.
    Book in swedish spells bok because of that i use @bokcamilla as my twitterhandel.

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    1. Thank you!! I’m so happy to hear you like my blog 😀 I’ve followed you on Twitter — looking forward to chatting with you about books!


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