Weekly Wrap-Up: 20 April 2018

Happy (incredibly warm) Friday!  The weather has finally warmed up here in the UK and everyone is uncomfortably warm.  My Los Angeles heart is so thrilled to actually see and feel the sun again.  Sunny weather is almost as good as chilly rain for reading, so let’s see what my week looked like in books.


Books I read


Paper Girls: Volume 3 by Brian K. Vaughn

From Darkest Stars by Sam Peters

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J. K. Rowling

I managed to read three books this week, one graphic novel and two novels.  I finished up the third volume of Paper Girls, which I really enjoyed.  I feel like the story has really started.  The fourth volume just came out this month — hoping the library has a copy!

I also read From Darkest Stars by Sam Peters.  This is high concept sci-fi meets detective fiction with a dash of noir.  I overall enjoyed this, but there were some bits that didn’t quite suit me.  I’ll have a review up soon and am planning to read the next in the series.

I’ve done a thing that I’ve wanted to do for years!  Visiting the Harry Potter studios last week really rekindled my love of the series, so I’ve started my first Harry Potter reread in ages.  I have read the first three a million times (approximately), the fourth and fifth many times, and the sixth and seventh only once when they were released.  I’ve finished Philosopher’s Stone and was really surprised by how much I enjoyed reading it, despite the fact that it’s not my favourite.



Books I’m currently reading



IT by Stephen King

So I finished Philosopher’s Stone earlier this morning, therefore I don’t have a current physical read!  I’m currently eight hours into the audiobook for IT — as I’ve said in the past, expect to see it here for awhile.



What I’ll read next


City of Brass by S. A. Chakraborty

Empire of Silence by Christopher Ruocchio

I have two books on deck, but haven’t started just yet.  I knew I would be finishing up Harry Potter, so I asked you guys what you thought I should read next from my NetGalley read should be.  I went ahead and called it because City of Brass was so far ahead!  Thank you all for helping me out!

I’ve had Empire of Silence sitting on my shelf, staring at me, for a few weeks now.  I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it!  As I like to have a physical book and an eBook going at the same time, this will be my next physical read and I cannot wait to crack it open!

These are both massive books, I’m not sure what I was thinking.


Books I bought


City of Blades by Robert Jackson Bennett

After Atlas by Emma Newman

If you watched my March wrap-up video, you may know how much I absolutely loved City of Stairs (despite the fact that I really struggled to tell you all about it) and Planetfall.  I went ahead and picked up the sequels to both!  I am ridiculously excited to read both of these books — I really think they’re going to be fantastic.



Book post



The Royal Wedding Colouring Book by Adam Rushton

So despite the fact that I am indeed American, I’m not obsessed with the Royals.  However I do like them well enough and am excited for another wedding (mostly to take notes on her dress).  When a copy of the Royal Wedding Colouring Book was offered to me, I checked it out and cackled with delight.  I’ll post photos in my upcoming review, but it’s completely (intentionally) ridiculous and charming.

Scottish Fiance is out tonight, so what do you think my plans are?  If you guessed ‘put on a face mask, drink Pimms with the cats, and colour in delightful Hollywood scenes featuring Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’ then you guessed right.  It’s okay to be jealous.


In other bookish news, I chaired my first book event this week!  I had an absolutely lovely time with Tom McCulloch at Blackwells on Wednesday.  I was very nervous, but really enjoyed the experience and would happily do it again!


Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go lounge in the sun for awhile.


Bonus: Dax doing her best deep see fish impression.  Look at those fangs!


How was your week in reading?  Read anything good?  Pick up any new books for your ever-growing TBR pile?  Let me know!

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