Instagram Sundays: 29 October 2017

Happy Sunday!  I hope everyone’s weekend has been fabulous.  I’m a little late with Instagram Sunday this week.  I’m going to be honest — it’s because Stranger Things is finally back!  So without any further ado, here’s the past few weeks in Instagram posts.



I’m so happy to have been approved for Zenith!  I missed out on proofs for this at YALC, so I was thrilled to spot copies available on Twitter.  Zenith isn’t out until January of next year, so I have a little time. I think this will be a great November read!



So The Last Namsara features a character named Dax.  I really struggled to take him seriously because this wee fluff nugget’s name is Dax!  I keep imagining the prince as a cute little fluffy kitten girl.  Oops.



Pre-DNFing of Jane Eyre.  Sophia has been extra cuddly these days.  Should I be suspicious?



I brought Artemis with me on the way to London the other week.  I finished it on that trip and I absolutely loved it!  I can’t wait for you all to get a chance to read it.  It’s so different from The Martian, however it has another strong lead character and is incredibly sharp and funny.



I am so glad I picked up Night of Cake and Puppets.  I wasn’t a huge fan of Daughter of Smoke and Bone (you can read my review here), but I absolutely loved Zuzana.  This novella focuses on her and was everything I wanted Daughter of Smoke and Bone to be.  I highly recommend it!



I stopped by Waterstones Oxford to check out their Book of Dust windows, and they didn’t disappoint!  The cover artist came in and painted the front windows, and it looked phenomenal.  I need to finish His Dark Materials before I can justify buying The Book of Dust.



This is my TBR for the Sbooky Readathon! I’ve already finished An Enchantment of Ravens, but have honestly been too busy to really participate.  I’m still hoping to get a few of these finished before Tuesday — I’m currently reading The Dollmaker of Krakow.



Book post!!  I had three packages (!!!) show up on Thursday!  I’m so pleased to have received these books.  I cannot wait to dive in.



Honestly, I just like to show off my city from time to time.  It was a gorgeous fall day the other week, and I had to capture the view outside my office.



Sophia was floofing around with my current reads!  As I said above, she’s been super clingy, but that means she keeps me warm while I’m reading! (She also keeps my face clean with her constant smooching).


That’s it for this week!  Sorry for being late — it has been a busy day!


If you’re on Bookstagram, let me know!  I’d love to follow you.  You can find me @Ishouldreadthat

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