I’m Back! The State of the Blog

Hi all!  My two-week hiatus is officially over.  It has been a weird period of time, but I’m really glad to be back here. To start off, I thought I’d give you a little update on how things will go here in the future.  


Not a cat.  I got to hang out with Nora while I was away.


At the moment, I’m posting six days a week — sometimes seven now that I’m putting up the reading vlog videos — and I’m going to reduce that number to take some pressure off of myself.  I’ll still do book reviews twice a week, Friday wrap-ups, and Instagram Sundays (which I would totally get rid of, but you guys seem to like that post a lot!).  I’ll be doing away with Tuesday posts and TBR Thursdays to lighten the load.  I really enjoy doing lots of posts, but it’s hard to keep up!  

Another reason for doing this is that I want to branch out in the kinds of posts I do, because quite frankly I’m finding my own blog a bit boring!  My schedule is so rigid that I just don’t have that much room for creativity.  I’m going to do more book hauls, book discussions, and fun things like that.  I’m going to post them whenever the heck I want to!  I think that my strict schedule has really restricted me and some of the joy of blogging was zapped away.

I’m also going to be dedicating more time to my YouTube channel, which I’m loving way more than I expected.  I’ll be posting at least twice a week there, with a reading vlog on Saturday and one other video during the week.  I won’t cross post my videos here anymore (with the exception of my reading vlogs), so make sure you follow me on YouTube!


I can’t not share this photo again.


I’m really happy to be back, you guys!  It has been a strange couple of weeks, but I’m back on track.  I hope I haven’t missed much!

15 thoughts on “I’m Back! The State of the Blog

  1. So glad you’re back!! I’m one of the ones that would be sad if you x’d the Instagram post but – I can always find them on Instagram! 😂 glad you’re relieving some of the pressure off yourself. I don’t know how you keep up with both! Wonder Woman!

    I’ve been loving your videos!! I can tell how much more comfortable you’ve been getting and I love the reading vlog style as well. Keep up the good work!

    Oh. And I have the giant box of goldfish ready 🙂

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    1. Thank you!! The pressure plus some family stuff made me go ‘NOPE’! I’m getting back to fun for this blog!

      Thank you thank you! I feel like such a weirdo being on camera, but it has been getting easier. The vlogs are easily my favourite thing to do — any excuse to blab about books is a good thing 😀

      YES! I should have my new address soon (fingers crossed!) so I’ll DM you as soon as possible. I seriously cannot wait!

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