Video: My First Reading Vlog

Hi all!  I don’t usually post on Saturdays, but I have pulled together my very first reading vlog.  You can check out what the cats and I have been up to in life and books this week:



Does anyone else do these reading vlogs?  Do you have a YouTube channel?  Let me know!

7 thoughts on “Video: My First Reading Vlog

    1. Thank you! The big grey one moved from the US to the UK with me, and the little black one we got two years ago 🙂

      The UK versions of Mistborn are gorgeous! All of his books here are actually in that same theme with the white background and the blue and black outlines. I really, really like them.

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      1. They do get along now, but they didn’t at first! There were a couple of months of me crying and the older one biting the kitten, but they’re best pals now. Thank goodness!

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