Instagram Sundays

Happy Sunday, all!  I haven’t been doing much with Instagram this week — I’m just feeling a bit uninspired!  I’m going to try to ramp it up next week, but here’s a run down of this week’s posts.



I was feeling a little overwhelmed at the beginning of the week because I was reading so many different things!  I’ve since finished The Outrun and it was fantastic. I’m still reading Invictus — it’s my lunchtime book at work.

Also, kindly admire my cute spider plant.  I’m the weird plant lady at work.  Not pictured: the five other plants in the window.



I’ve received so many exciting books in the post from publishers lately (and a had a sneaky trip to the bookshop).  I did a video post, which you can see here, and this was my teaser photo.  This is now out of date already — I was bombarded with packages on Friday!  Seriously the best feeling ever for a book lover.



Sophia heard there were blackbirds in this book.  She feels decieved.  She was also trying to sleep and I was exploiting her fluffiness for cute photos.



And here you have my plans for the rest of the day!  I’ve actually finished knitting that scarf, the first of the season, and am going to tuck into my current read.  The Bastard Legion looks absolutely amazing!  The opening chapter is so good.


That’s it for this week!  Are you on Instagram and have a bookish account?  Let me know — I’d love to follow you!  You can find me at @ishouldreadthat.

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