Instagram Sundays 

Happy weekend, everyone!  We are in the middle of a three-day weekend here in the UK, and it is spectacular.  As I kick up my feet in London, here’s a look at this week in Instagram.


My current read  (and I’m almost done!)  Thanks to the recommendations of a Very Smart Friend and the great feedback from a TBR Thursday, I picked this book up.  I’m so glad I did — it is definitely a slow burn in the beginning but I love the writing, the world, and the characters.


Nevernight is a book I had never heard of until I started this blog.  It looks like a promising read AND has a  smashing cover.  Yes please.


I’m going to be exploiting these cute book haul photos for the next week or so.  You can see a round up of what I got here.


Blackbird is one of the proofs I picked up at YALC — I hadn’t heard of it before.  I’m really curious about it!  Talk about a great cover, and on a proof too!


That’s it for this week!  If you’d like to see more bookish photos and lots of cats, you can follow me here.  Do you have a Bookstagram account?  Let me know!

7 thoughts on “Instagram Sundays 

    1. I was actually worried you were really driving and blog commenting. We’d have to have a chat about your WordPress addiction if you were!

      I’m so looking forward to Nevernight. I think it’s going on the list for September!

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