Instagram Sundays

Hi all, happy Sunday!  This week is a little sparse in Instagram posts.  As I mentioned on Friday, I’ve been busy catching up with work and life after being sick all of last week.  I should be back up and running now, but clearly I haven’t been paying enough attention to Instagram.


Here we go!


Lovely book, lovely setting. The Graces is on my list of books to read for ARC August.  It may not be an ARC, but it is among the many books I picked up at YALC. I was fortunate enough to get this copy signed by the author, who also gave me some smashing classic sci-fi book recommendations.


The old crochet hook came out this week!  I used to be a knitting and crocheting queen, but it kind of fell by the wayside over the past few years.  I’ve made five of these snowflakes so far — only 54 more to go before they’re stitched together and turned into a blanket!  Winter is coming, after all.


Leigh Bardugo is a queen.  I’ve been meaning to read this trilogy ever since I finishes the Six of Crows duology.  I’ve been holding back because I know I’ll just have to run to the bookshop and get the next two as soon an I finish. However, The Language of Thorns is coming out next month and I’ve got to get cracking!


That’s it for this week’s Instagram roundup. I told you I didn’t have much. Instead of more proper book pics, here’s a couple shots from my story.



Sophia is very excited about my current read.




Feel free to follow me on Instagram for these and more cat photos (the ladies are, of course, the star of the show).  Do you have a bookish Instagram account?  If love to follow you — give me a shout in the comments!

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