Instagam Sundays

A lovely weekend is coming to a close.  Between Book Club and Scottish Fiance’s birthday, I’ve been pretty busy!  Here is this week’s bookish posts from Instagam.



The House of Shattered Wings is one that I had seen around, but didn’t know anything about.  It came highly recommended by one of the PR ladies at the Gollancz stand at YALC, so I picked it up.  I absolutely love the cover and the concept.



Geri the Canal Cat makes another appearance!  We  made friends with Geri a couple of weeks ago, and he was featured on Instagram Sundays in the past.  Geri has declared that he is indeed a Moxie Girl.



Geri again, looking noble as hell.  He is a great reader, you know.



My current read!  I was approved for a digital ARC on NetGalley ages ago, but managed to snag an early sales copy at YALC this year.  I’m really loving it so far!



If you’ve been following this blog/my Instagram then you know how I feel about Tolkien.  We went to The Eagle and Child for Scottish Fiance’s birthday lunch yesterday.  My mum and I were nerding out a little bit — she’s currently reading a book about the Inklinkgs!



There is never a bad opportunity to show off how gorgeous my copy of Strange the Dreamer is.  It’s one of the early print runs so it has the blue sprayed edges!


That’s it for this week!  If you want to see more bookish images, be sure you follow me on Instagram for these and for my Instagram stories, which feature cats and my life as an American transplant in Oxford.


Come for the books, stay for the top notch cat puns


Do you have a bookish account on Instagram?  Let me know, I’d love to follow you!

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