Top Ten Tuesday: Series I Need to Finish

The fantasy genre is notorious for its long series and hefty books.  As a long-time fantasy reader, there are so many series that I just haven’t managed to finish.  I decided to highlight a few of these unfinished series, along with some non-fantasy series, for Top Ten Tuesday, as The Broke and the Bookish is on hiatus.  I’m only listing series I’d like to finish rather than ones I decided to quit (looking at you, Dresden Files).

The Wanderlust Reader also did a very similar post earlier today, you can check out her post here!


Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan


As mentioned in my first TBR Thursday post, I’m on book 10 out of 14 (not including the prequel).  So close, yet so far!  Wheel of Time is notorious for having a major slump from books 8-10.  I’m about to come out of that slump, but I’m still struggling!


Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson


I’ve finished the first Mistborn trilogy, which is fantastic, but have only read the first in the Wax and Wayne trilogy that is set about 300 years after the first.  I love the way that elements from the first trilogy tie into the second.  I really need to get on these!


Shades of Magic by V. E. Schwab


I’m cheating a little bit because I’ve just started A Conjuring of Light, the final book in the Shades of Magic trilogy.  I’ll feel better when I can strike one of these incomplete trilogies off my list.


Spoils of Time by Penny Vincenzi


I absolutely LOVED No Angel, the first book in Penny Vincenzi’s Spoils of Time series.  It’s a family saga that follows Celia Lytton’s family on the eve of the World War I.  Plus, it’s all about strong women and the publishing industry.  What’s not to love?  Spoils of Time is a trilogy and it’s complete, so I really have no excuse.


Pink Carnation by Lauren Willig


I’ve decided that I’m going to champion the Pink Carnation series on this blog because it’s underrated and just so fun.  Think female spies during the Napoleonic Wars in the tradition of the Scarlett Pimpernel, then throw in a bucket of romance.  So fun.  There are 12 books in this series (including a Christmas book), and I’ve only read the first six.  I’m pretty sure the series is complete at this point.


First Law world by Joe Abercrombie


If you like your fantasy gritty and dark, then Joe Abercrombie is your guy.  He’s probably my favorite fantasy author because of his fantastic characters, settings, and the way he can twist common fantasy tropes into something spectacular and new.  I’ve read his incredible First Law trilogy, however there are three standalone novels that are based in that world and tie into the trilogy.  I feel like they sort of count as their own little series.  I’ve read Best Served Cold, which features one of the single greatest female characters ever, but haven’t read The Heroes or Red Country.  If I’m feeling brave, there’s also Sharp Ends, a collection of short stories that also tie into the First Law world.


Imperial Radch trilogy by Ann Leckie



Ancillary Justice is an incredible piece of science fiction writing.  Ann Leckie takes gender and completely turns it on its head.  The culture of the Radch is fantastic and so inventive.  I’ve got the second book, Ancillary Sword, on my shelf and I need to get to it!


Queen of the Tearling trilogy by Erika Johansen


If you pick up Queen of the Tearling and expect a fluffy princess story, you’re going to be either deeply disappointed or completely blown away.  Queen of the Tearling is a very adult book that is just amazing.  When I read it, the rest of the books hadn’t been published yet.  Now the trilogy is complete and I think I’m due to reread the first one and finish up the trilogy!


The Hyperion Cantos by Dan Simmons



Hyperion is probably one of the single best books I’ve ever read.  The first in a series of four, Hyperion is very different from its subsequent books.  I’ve read the first two in the series, which act as a duology, but haven’t yet read Endymion or Rise of Endymion, which take place long after the events of Hyperion and Fall of Hyperion.  This is another series that I plan to reread and then finish!


Dune by Frank Herbert


Oh Dune, you great confusing and mind-bending book.  I’ve only read the first book and I really think I need to reread it because while I really loved it, I’m not actually sure what happened.  I’d love to finish up the Dune books that Frank Herbert wrote (his son took over the series and those are notoriously, well, not good).  I feel like I’m missing out on a huge chunk of science fiction history by not finishing these books.


That’s it for me!  Have you read any of these series?  Are they in your TBR?  What series have you not finished yet?  Let me know!

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Series I Need to Finish

  1. I haven’t read any of these series, but I’ve great things about Brandon Sanderson’s work. He has quite a few series out there, right? One series I keep meaning to finish is ‘Throne of Glass’. I read the first two books, but it’s been so long that I’d probably have to reread them before continuing with the series!

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    1. Brandon Sanderson does indeed have lots of series! He’s such a fast writer that I struggle to keep up.

      I’ve never read Throne of Glass but I was just talking about it with a co-worker earlier today! I think I might need to give it a shot 😀

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  2. These sound really interesting! I’ve been meaning to start Brandon Sanderson’s novels for a while now but never do :/ I also need to finish Shades of Magic but, again, always seem to find some other book to read first (like an ARC, which, admittedly, is top priority). So I’m really excited! I can’t wait to revisit Kell and Lila and their amazing world(s) ❤
    I’ve read the first two books in the Queen of the Tearling trilogy and really liked them. I wasn’t too enthusiastic about the third one, though, as it had been such a long time. Plus, the story had gotten a bit confusing at one point. It’s really unique and epic (love Kelsea!) but yeah, my interest had dwindled a little. I still want to finish it, of course!
    Lovely post 🙂


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