Instagram Sundays 

Happy Sunday!  I’m coming to the end of my lovely holiday in Edinburgh. Fortunately for you guys, that means lots of photos!

I had a filled Waterstones card (£10 off a purchase for non-UK readers), and decided to pick up the last book in the Shades of Magic trilogy.  I was meh on the first one, but the second was a big improvement  (review is coming soon!) and I’m looking forward to seeing how it all ends!

We’ve had a fair few wet and rainy days in Oxford lately, which fortunately means I get lots of reading time!  I have now finished The Cardinals Man — keep an eye out for my slot on the book tour!

Ah, the joys of travelling with a TBR pile to read down. I couldn’t decide on a book for my trip to Edinburgh!  I ended up taking Daughter of Smoke and Bone and A Conjuring of Light.

I planned to read Conjuring first, but hit a small speedbump with EasyJet.  I couldn’t take my purse and carry-on suitcase into the cabin, so Scottish Fiance and I had to dump the contents of my purse into both our bags.  Conjuring got shoved into the suitcase in the shuffle, so I had Daughter of Smoke and Bone to read on the flight. No huge loss, really!

We found the cutest tea shop in Edinburgh  (shoutout to Tea and Sympathy on Ashley Terrace — you seriously must go) and I was in a book lovers happy place!  Good tea, great bacon rolls, and a very Instagram-worthy setting.

It’s pretty much impossible to get my family together and not go to a bookshop. Here’s my book haul.  Now, you may remember that I struggled to fit everything in my suitcase on the way here.  I’m choosing to not think about that.

Alas, we bid goodbye to the family today — we are staying on an extra day — but had a good meal before they left!  
That’s it for this week!  Make sure to follow me on Instagram because Big Sister has shown me the magic of Instagram stories!  I’m snapping more pics of the trip, bookish things, the life of an American living in England, and of course loads of cat pics like this one.  See you next week!

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