Instagram Sundays

I’m posting this a little later in the day than I usually like — it has been a busy day!  Scottish Fiancé ran his first race, so my big sister and I made signs to taunt/support him (see photo below).  It has been a really hot day here in London, so there has been a lot of lounging and snoozing and not posting here.  On to Instagram Sunday!

I’ve now finished A Gathering of Shadows, but it took me awhile to find the time to get into it.  My reading time is being taken over by The Bachelorette, World of Warcraft, and Minecraft.  I’m working on balancing my time a little better these days!

My big sister asked me to recommend some books to her so she can read some of the things I’m enjoying.  She left my flat with a stack of four books — be careful what you wish for!   She read Six of Crows first and ended up loving it — and sent me this great photo.  Prince Albert approves.

I’m really pleased with the colours in this photo!  I’ve had Sorceror to the Crown on my ‘to buy’ list for ages, and I’ve finally got a copy.  I’m really looking forward to reading this.

So when I was living in New York, I used to collect old books from the 50’s and earlier.  I love the look and feel of these books so much.  When I moved, I ended up getting rid of most of them, something I really regretted.  It turns out my sister saved three of them for me!  These are The Moonstone, The Way We Live Now, and Cranford.  Cranford is my ultimate comfort read and I’m so so glad to have this edition back.  Thanks Big Sister!!

Not book-related, but still fun!  This is the sign my sister made to encourage Scottish Fiancé across the finish line.  The girls who were running in front of him were howling with laughter.  He squinted at it, hung his head, and picked up the pace.  Mission accomplished!
That’s it for this week!  If you’re on Instagram, let me know what your handle is.  I love following bookish accounts!  If you want to follow me on Instagram, you can find me here.

6 thoughts on “Instagram Sundays

    1. It’s the worst feeling, isn’t it? I had so many books and they’re mostly gone! The public library branch around the corner from me had a little used book shop, so I donated them all to them. At least I know they went to a good home 😦

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  1. That sign your sister made is AMAZING! 😛 At least it spurred your fiance on!
    I collect old books too! You’re right, there’s something just so amazing about the look and feel of them…and the smell too. I always think of the countless people who’ve read the books before me and wonder what their lives were like. It’s lovely that your sister saved some for you 😀

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    1. She was pretty pleased with herself 😀

      I’m so happy there’s another person who collects old books too! I love doing the same thing — I always look out for notes written on the first page or newspaper clippings used as bookmarks. It’s so wonderful to pass books on!

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