Instagram Sundays

Happy Sunday!  It’s absolutely sweltering in England today (and I’m from Southern California), so we are all indoors!

I really love the simple cover of Gilded Cage complimented by the brick and the flowers here.  I’ve heard good things about this one, and I’m looking forward to getting going!

A sneaky shot of the mini poetry editions at Hatchards, my favourite bookshop, in London.  I’m not much of a poetry reader, but I think poetry must be read from a beautiful edition.

I love this cover so much!  This was one of my birthday presents, and it’s the edition of The Hobbit that my parents read to us when my sister and I were little.

A sneaky peek at some of the books I work with at my day job!  It’s a great excuse to read more classics.

A tiny portion of my TBR pile.  We went exploring up the canal near our flat and I had to take a stack of books along for photos.  I’ve since finished Spellbook of the Lost and Found and have moved onto Lost Boys.

Book-stealing cat.  She’s featured heavily over the past two days because I could actually get a shot of her.  Usually she runs away frantically when she sees me approach with a camera.

And again!  Hiding from the hoover in her favourite box with a good book.
That’s it for this week!  Enjoy the lovely weather and I hope your hay fever isnt as bad as mine.

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