Discussion: How Do You Prefer to Read?

Readers are picky people.  We are loyal to our paperbacks, hardcovers, or e-books, and often will not buy a new book until it is in our preferred format.  Then, of course, there are others who are ‘hybrid’ readers.  Hybrid readers will happily read one book on their Kindle and the next in physical form.  So what kind of reader are you?

Exhibit A: The life of a hybrid reader

I think I definitely qualify as a hybrid reader, but am very loyal to my beloved paperbacks.  I have to admit, I was definitely swept up in the e-book trend around 2010.  I loved (and still love) my Kindle, particularly for getting free classics.  Kindle-madness didn’t last too long for me though, and I’ve migrated back to physical books.  These days, I much prefer to read physical books and really only buy paperbacks.  I’ll pick up the odd hardcover, something I’m doing much more often these days, but am patient enough (sometimes) to wait for the paperback.  I find reading physical books much easier for me.

Becoming a blogger has absolutely changed the way I read books.  I buy many more hardcover books because I hear about them through other bloggers and social media and get excited.  I picked up A Closed and Common Orbit in hardcover in February after reading and loving The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet, which I heard about through social media.  A Closed and Common Orbit came out in paperback today, and I probably would have waited for it if I hadn’t been surrounded by the well-deserved hype for the first book.

I genuinely couldn’t wait for this in paperback

Digital ARCs are key for book bloggers, and my Kindle goes everywhere with me. While I have a dedicated e-reader rather than a tablet, I find that I get much more distracted when I read off a Kindle.  Does this happen to anyone else?  I sometimes find that I’ll spend four or five days reading a book I love on the Kindle that probably would have taken a day or two if I read it as a paperback.  When Dimple Met Rishi is the most recent example of this.  I would have devoured this book in a single evening — probably staying up well past my bedtime — in order to finish it if I read the physical copy.  Instead, it took me four days to read it on my Kindle.  Long books are especially difficult for me to read on an e-reader.  I finished Red Sister in about two and a half weeks when it should have taken me half the time.

Not pictured: the staggering pile of digital books on my Kindle

Let’s chat!  How do you prefer to read books?  Are you a hybrid reader or do you only read off you Kindle?  Are you married to your paperbacks or do you prefer hardcovers?  Has blogging changed your reading habits?  Let me know!

8 thoughts on “Discussion: How Do You Prefer to Read?

  1. Ebooks 99% of the time. Physical copies take up too much room, especially with the amount that I read. Ebooks cost less too. All my review copies are ebook. I live in Australia and postage of physical books is big money, so publishers and writers will send me a mobi file.

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    1. Physical books took up SO much space in my old, tiny apartment that I couldn’t really justify them. I can’t imagine how much postage must cost! Are ebooks really popular there? I would think that they were game-changing for Australian readers.


  2. I do like my kindle as I can manoeuvre myself into a more comfortable reading position. It takes little effort to change pages and the uniform font is easier to digest… but it takes away all the personality of a physical copy. I do prefer a physical copy, usually hardback, and I am lucky that publishers are willing to send me them. Since having my first son I have learned to read in any conditions, noise levels and chaos, which is good 😀 I would say I am a hybrid reader as you have to be as a book blogger. Netgalley is the platform that most bloggers begin with and those unwilling to appreciate the kindle will not have the benefit of plenty of books to review.

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    1. NetGalley has been awesome and has diversified the books I read and the way I read them. Honestly if I hadn’t started this blog, I probably wouldn’t have a Kindle. You’re definitely right about Kindle’s allowing for more comfy reading positions. My only issue with this is that I often lock myself in the bathroom and read in the tub! The fear of dropping a paper book in the tub is high anyway, but the thought of destroying a Kindle? Absolutely terrifying!


  3. The vast majority of the books I read are paperbacks, unless I borrow from the library and they happen to be hardcover editions. I used to have a Nook years ago but I quickly realized that I much prefer reading physical books than ebooks. I just feel like I spend so much time in front of a screen already that reading a paper book is a nice change of pace.

    Awesome post! 🙂

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    1. You’re absolutely right about a paper book being a good change of pace. I sit in front of a computer all day for work and the thought of looking at a screen when I get home is so off-putting!


  4. Physical books all the way!!!! Nothing beats the feel of a physical book and I prefer paperback to hard cover. My eyes can’t handle prolonged screen time so ebooks are rare for me. But I do use the kindle app for some books and enjoy being able to have them with me anywhere. Unfortunately in Canada the digital copy isn’t much cheaper than the physical copy so I usually stick with a copy I can hold 🙂 great discussion!

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    1. I do love being able to flip back and forth in a physical copy, see how long you have until the end, and see the page numbers! Ebooks are great for travelling (and have been a serious life-changer for my family in that respect), but I’ll probably choose a physical book over an ebook if I have the option.

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