Happy Birthday to Me!

It’s my birthday today!  So instead of your regularly scheduled book post, here’s a picture of the cats with poorly drawn party hats.

I’ll be back tomorrow 🙂

19 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. Happy Birthday!!! ❤ Don't let those claws any near your face!

    My cat has an obsession with my neck and face (1) he loves laying on top of my neck and as close to my face as possible and (2) he loves putting his claws on my cheeks. Don't ask me why, he just does 😀

    And now we are going through a new phase – love attacks every morning at 6 am. When he has to climb into my bed no matter what, purr like a train and drool all over my pillow. Fun times!

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    1. Thank you!!

      The big fluffy calico is currently going through a phase of sitting and sleeping on my pillow right above my head. It’s cute until the little black one decides she wants to snuggle. I don’t get to use my own pillow anymore! Sometimes they start wrestling on the pillow too, which get a bit frightening for me 😀

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      1. Ahaha 😀 #ProblemsOfCatOwners
        Pets can be hilarious sometimes, when they don’t decide that their definition of play time equals taking out the soil from my pot plants… Then we have a serious discussion with them sitting under the table and me rambling for hours 😀

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