Discussion: The Dreaded Reading Slump



We have all been there – the dreaded reading slump.  You burn yourself out reading too much or you’re distracted by other things, and boom!  Suddenly you can’t decide on a book to read, nothing is holding your interest, or you just can’t get very far in your current read.

Reading slumps don’t hit me too often, but when they do they are really terrible.  It usually starts when I cannot figure out what I want to read.  I get this weird panicky feeling as I stare at my bookshelf.  Then I’ll start a book and will be unable to get more than 20 pages in, so I pick up another and another and another.  Eventually, I’ll give up and just wont touch a book for a long period of time.  It feels weird and very strange, but nothing I try to read will hold my interest.

I tend to get this way when I read too much from a single genre and get burnt out or when I’m under a great deal of stress in my everyday life.  My last really bad slump hit when I was working on my masters degree – I just couldn’t bring myself to do anything except play video games and watch TV when I wasn’t working on assessments. Over the years, however, I’ve learned how to spot a slump coming on and can usually stop it from happening by doing the following:

  • Pick something completely different to read, particularly if I’ve only been reading one genre exclusively
  • Slow down! Don’t try to power through more books than I can handle
  • Do something completely unrelated to reading as a break


I’ve always been a big reader, but I’ve been tearing through books at an incredible speed ever since I started this blog in January.  I’ve already more than doubled what I read at this time last year – I’ve read 44 books so far in 2017.  I’ve been extra aware of my mood as I read, and I can feel a slump coming on now.  I’m trying to tackle this with  a combination of reading some nonfiction as a change of pace and spending more time doing other things like watching TV.  I’ve been reading so much that I could probably go a week or two without picking up a book and not run out of reviews and blog posts!


So I ask you, dear readers:

  • Do you ever get hit with reading slumps?
  • How do you break out of them?
  • Are you paranoid like me and look out for them?
  • What are the best books to get yourself out of a reading slump?


I feel like this is something book bloggers face all the time: let me know what you think and how you deal with the dreaded slump!

14 thoughts on “Discussion: The Dreaded Reading Slump

  1. I’m exactly like you. I know my moods and when it’s impossible to choose something and it’s happening more frequently then I know a slump is coming. Then I start to get excited to read something and 20 pages in I’m reading just to get to the end – and it takes forever! I’ve been on the verge of a slump for a couple weeks now and it feels awful!

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    1. It’s the worst, isn’t it? I bought a bunch of new stuff yesterday that looks amazing, but I feel like I can’t start any of it. I hope you and I both get over this really soon!

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  2. I definitely get hit with reading and blogging slumps from time to time. With any slump, I think one of the best things to do is to take a break and focus on another hobby or activity for a while. When you feel yourself thinking about reading again then you’ll know it’s time to return and dive into those books again 🙂

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  3. I had a slump in 2016. And I pretty much mean all of 2016. It was hectic year of just life stepping in the way. Even when I had time to read I was too tired or lazy to do it. What really broke me out of it was reading a bunch of blogs just like this one. You read a few posts about people really enjoying books and it doesn’t take long before you’re reaching for a paperback.

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  4. Must be genetic. I sometimes cannot decide what to read and I stand in front of the book case and cannot decide what to read. I pick up a book that a couple of weeks earlier looked like something I wanted to read but now looks uninteresting. I can wander around the book cases for an hour in a paralysis. Eventually I pick up something and just sit down a read.

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  5. When I get hit with a reading slump I generally take a break and do other things, like play video games while I wait it out. If I want to continue reading or break out of it I might do so slowly, like try a short story or reading just a little bit everyday until the reading bug is back.

    I can feel if a book i’m not enjoying is going to push me into a slump, so when I feel that slump coming on strongly from a book i’m not enjoying, it’s time to DNF it!

    As for books to get out of a reading slump, I don’t know. For me maybe a short story or something in a different genre.

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    1. I plan to play a lot of videogames this weekend! It’s not something I indulge in too much, but I think I’ve earned it 🙂

      Short stories are actually a great idea. There’s so much less commitment and you can read a few of them if the mood strikes!

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  6. This sounds awfully familiar. I’ve been late to work a couple of times in the past because I couldn’t figure out what book to take with my for lunchtime reading (although my Kindle helps with this now.)


  7. I was totally in a reading slump last month. It really stunk too, as I was buddy reading a book at the time. I think it was partially my mood and how busy I was, but also the book just wasn’t what I expected it to be and it took me ages to get through it. Often I can avoid a slump by genre hopping too, but this one was unavoidable. Luckily, it seems to have passed entirely.

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