Reading Quirks

Every reader is unique; we all have different methods of tracking, handling, and choosing the books we read.  Here are some of the quirks I’ve developed as a lifelong reader:


Spine Breaker

I’m that reader that every book lover hates.  I break the spines of my paperbacks, chuck them in my purse, and read them in the tub. My books are spotted with ketchup and/or tea stains, have tattered covers, and perhaps have a bit of water damage.

As a fantasy lover, the books I read tend to be on the longer side.  Thick books are tough to keep pristine and I have no issues cracking them right down the middle.  I carry them everywhere, therefore they tend to get a bit beaten up.  I feel like I’m in the minority here; most book lovers seem to keep their books in the best possible condition, but that’s just never been a priority for me.  However, I always treat borrowed books incredibly carefully.



This is a weird one.  Before I start a book, I have to check and see what the last page number is.  I like to keep track of how long a book is and do a little countdown in my head.  I think this is one of the reasons I have trouble reading e-books; I can’t keep flipping back and forth in the same way I can with a physical book.  The percentage just isn’t the same!


Playing it by Ear

As someone who usually loves to plan in advance and know exactly what’s going on, it’s strange that I cannot do this with my reading.  My mood changes pretty constantly and I may want to read one thing this week and something completely different next week.  I’m trying to work around this with my TBR pile, but my interests shift so constantly that it doesn’t always work.


Must Own Books

I used to be a dedicated library goer when I was working a low-wage job.  I simply couldn’t afford to buy books that I might not like.  Now that I am in a position to be more liberal with my spending, I tend to forgo the library and buy everything I read.  Is it the most practical?  Probably not.  But I hate the feeling of borrowing a book, loving it, buying it, and having an unread copy sitting on my shelf.


Cover Love

I know I’m not alone in this one.  I absolutely love a good book cover.  A gorgeous book will persuade me to buy a read a book about 80% of the time.  If nothing else, it will catch my eye and make me pick it up.  I love showing off my books on the shelf or in my nightstand TBR pile, so the more beautiful the better!


Do you relate to any of these?  What are your reading quirks?  Let me know!

12 thoughts on “Reading Quirks

  1. You are my bookish spirit animal! 😂 I don’t think that books need to be pristine. I think that if there’s splatter and bent pages it means you read it and loved it! Also, I’m always checking the page count while I’m reading. It doesn’t change anything but I just HAVE to look!!


  2. I’m a countdowner too. I have to know the last number, not including acknowledgements or extra content, and I have to know when the chapter ends. Also, I don’t like price stickers on the cover nor do I like movie adaptation covers. Furthermore, I don’t dog ear pages nor do I lend books.

    I’m a book dragon, not a bookworm. Yeah, I’m big on titles for myself, lol. Great post! (P.S. How dare you break spines? J/K)

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    1. I hate price stickers and discount stickers too! It’s fine when they peel off easily, but I have a few books with sticker gunk on them and it makes me really unhappy.

      No regrets!!! Breaking the spine is such a satisfying feeling! :p


  3. I’m definitely the same way with having to know how many pages there are in a book before I start reading! Because of this, I would also much rather read physical books than ebooks. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one with this bookish quirk! 🙂

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    1. It is absolutely Michael Whelan for me too! Those Stormlight Archive covers are absolutely beautiful. Now that I’m in the UK, I think I’m going to get the rest of the series shipped over to me from the US because while the UK Sanderson covers are gorgeous, they’re just not as great as the Whelan ones.


  4. Omg I totally cringed reading “My books are spotted with ketchup and/or tea stains, “. OUCHIE!
    I relate most with “Must Own Books”. My Saturdays are never complete without a trip to the bookshop. I have a huge tendency to by books that I already have published by a different publisher. Why? PRETTY NEW COVERS! (I’m such a sucker for covers). And with so many books and so little time to get through them all I’ve accumulated a huge collection, half of which I have yet to read!
    Awesome post! Love your lighthearted writing style!

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    1. My mother gives me some side eye when she sees me eating with my books 🙂

      I absolutely love new covers! I actually used to collect various editions of some of my favorite books (namely the Lord of the Rings books), but had to get rid of most of them when I made the transatlantic move. I need to start collecting again!

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