Instagram Sundays

Happy weekend, everyone!  As I’m sprawled out on the couch at home, here’s a wee round up of this week in Bookstagram. 

I still haven’t read this yet, but I’m obsessed with the cover. It’s truly a book that is complimented by the cover’s lovely design. It also has blue-edged pages. I have seen some editions popping up on Instagram that don’t have the blue edges. Is it something that was a limited run?  Who knows. 

I went through a bit of an Asimov phase last year. I read the original Foundation trilogy, I, Robot, and Caves of Steel. I really love his writing style. Some people think he’s a bit dry, but I disagree.  It’s incredible to read his work now and see the impact it has had on books, TV, and film. Foundation was originally published as short stories in the 1940’s!

The ladies for caught borrowing books without permission. Sophia likes military history, while Dax leans more toward young adult fiction. 

My first subscription box arrived!  Papergang is a UK-based stationery box that delivers monthly. I was so thrilled to see it on my doorstep. See the unboxing below!

I am typing this in London, where I’m staying for part of the bank holiday weekend. I was reading this on the train yesterday; what a fitting book for my destination!  I literally just finished it and I really liked it. Sometimes you just pick up a book and know you’ll love it from the first few pages. 

The contents of my Papergang box!  A cute notepad, blank planner, pencil, two note cards, a set of stickers, and a calendar card. I’m definitely pleased!  That planner is going to come in handy for blog planning. 
If you want to have me pop up in your Instagram feed (more for the cats than me, I’m sure), find us here! Send me a link to your own account if you’re a bookstagrammer, I’d love to follow you!

One thought on “Instagram Sundays

  1. Kitties! And Books! Two very awesome things. 🙂 And then stationary on top of that?? This post is just fantastic. I love it.
    I really like that cover for Strange the Dreamer. I bought a copy of it for my best friend’s birthday recently, but it didn’t have that cover!

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