Instagram Sundays

It’s the end of the week and time for Instagram Sunday!


This is probably my favorite photo.  I started reading Northern Lights and couldn’t get into it.  But a switch went off in my head at almost exactly the middle of the book and I started to really enjoy it.  By the end, I was completely converted and really ended up loving it!  I’m planning to read the rest of the trilogy soon, but I can’t read series back to back.


Red books!  Red is one of my favorite colors; I love how vivid it is.  I grabbed some of my red titles from the shelf.  I think I might end up doing more color theme photos, you lucky things.


Brandon Sanderson is one of my favorite authors, but I’m struggling with the covers!  I love both the US and UK covers; they’re so different and gorgeous in their own way.  I have the first two books of the Stormlight Archive in the US editions (signed too!) and the third comes out later this year.  Do I rebuy the first two in the UK editions and continue the series that way or do I order the American editions and agonize as it ships here?  Life is hard.


My first attempt at a book rainbow!  I tried to pick titles with vivid spines.  I’ve actually only read three of these, I had better get cracking.


These are my two upcoming reads for the week.  I’ve been sitting on ACOTAR for ages and have just picked it up today.  The Wrath and the Dawn is one I’ve been searching for forever and only just found in my local Waterstones.


Dax snuck into the bookshelf to pick out some late-night reading.  She has very sophisticated tastes for a two-year-old.


Book mail!!  I won a Twitter competition and received a signed copy of False Hearts by Laura Lam.  A huge thank you to the lovely folks at Tor UK for running this competition.  This looks like exactly my cup of tea and I can’t wait to get started!


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4 thoughts on “Instagram Sundays

    1. There’s something about books that makes them so photogenic! The pages of False Hearts are indeed red! It’s like a dark, blood red — it looks amazing. I’m a sucker for those colored edges, they make me want to instantly buy a book.


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