Instagram Sunday

It has been a pretty good week!


So we live near a canal and decided to have a little adventure.  Naturally, the lovely outdoors makes the best backdrop for a book photo shoot.  Caraval is definitely among my favorite covers this year (and I just started reading it!)


The final result of my attempted photo with this book.  She did a flying tackle, rolled around, and tried to run off.  She dragged the lights along with her and squeaked in alarm.


I had a rough day on Tuesday, so my friend dragged me off to get some hot chocolate to lift my spirits, which definitely worked!


My favorite shot from our canal adventure.  This was the last one I got before the sun went down and we had to head home.


The Lannisters send their (adorable) regards.


I still can’t get over how great this cover is.  It’s another favorite from this year.  I’m really looking forward to seeing the upcoming US edition.


We went driving around the English countryside this weekend.  While waiting for my family to come pick us up, I cracked this beauty open.  I have heard a lot of differing opinions about it and am looking forward to seeing what I think.


I GOT MY FIRST PIECE OF BOOK MAIL!  Many thanks to Penguin Random House for sending this along, I’ve already started and it’s excellent.


Another little canal adventure today.  I brought along about a third of my TBR pile.


I hope you all are ready for the week!  We’ve got two four-day weeks in a row coming up in the UK and I’m so excited!


Happy reading, everyone!

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