April TBR Strategy

I’ve yammered on about how No Buy March clearly didn’t work for me, so I’m implementing a couple of new strategies for reading down my TBR pile this month while keeping me a happy reader/buyer.  My sister, who suffers from a book buying problem too, sent me this great article from Book Riot.  The gist is that you earn new books by clearing out your TBR pile — one book can be bought for every two books read.  That way you’re working through the books you already own while still being able to pick up a new one here and there.  You even get to keep a bullet journal, which is a selling point for me.

My family also has a similar problem with the ever-growing pile of books on the nightstand.  So here’s our group solution: we are going to race each other to see who can read down their TBR fastest.
You can see my crazy TBR above.
Here’s my sister’s.  Hers has lots of romance:
I want The Mystery of Princess Louise back.
My dad’s TBR.  Lots of history, lots of stacks.  Can you see where I get my TBR problems from?
Mum is very neat and orderly (a cameo by Henry from the Donkey Sanctuary, whom we sponsor.  What a cutie.):
The smack talk has begun!  Who will be victorious?  I’ll report back at the end of the month and see if this actually works for any of us or not.
What do you guys do to read down your TBR?  Do you have a problem with the never-shrinking pile?  Or do you get stressed out by the fact that you’ll probably never have enough time to read every book you’d like to (this is me).  Want to race down your TBR with us?  Shout in the comments!

15 thoughts on “April TBR Strategy

  1. Hey, I named you, not mum. BTW, I have already cleared two books off my bedside table since that picture was taken. And another one will come off this weekend. I am making progress as long as I do not buy any more books in the meantime.

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    1. Oops! All naming credit goes to you. You have very good taste.

      Everyone is doing better than me! I’m nearly done with my history book now, which will make two for the month so far.


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