5 for Friday

Spring has finally arrived in England, and it’s time for 5 for Friday!


This week has been a good one for book adaptations.  The full-length trailer for Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale hit social media like a force of nature earlier this week.  Starring Elizabeth Moss, it looks absolutely fantastic, not to mention completely horrifying.  You can watch the trailer here.
The first trailer for IT was released on Wednesday — the film comes out in September 2017.  We get our first glimpse of Pennywise the Clown in action.  I know the TV movie with Tim Curry is a classic and some people are upset about a remake, but I think this looks great so far.  If you don’t mind having the pants scared off of you and liked Stranger Things, which was heavily inspired by IT, then this is a must-see.  You can watch the trailer here.
I confess that I haven’t read either of these books (I read about half of IT while staying in an AirBnB last year, I found it on the shelf but didn’t finish before the holiday was over), but I picked up The Handmaid’s Tale on Wednesday night.  Speaking of which…

The Handmaid’s Tale

I started reading this this week and am absolutely loving it.  The writing is hypnotic — I blew through the first 126 pages in one go.  The most frightening thing about it is that you see the world through the eyes of a woman who has lived ‘then’ and has accepted her position in society now.  She is constantly struggling against her position as a handmaid and her desire to rebel while she tries to accept the rules and laws that she is being crushed under.  The worst part is that life in The Republic of Gilead is frighteningly in-line with some of the attitudes we see in people today.  I’m really looking forward to finishing this, and I feel like it is one of those books that will unfortunately always be relevant.

Oxford Literary Festival

The OLF is running right now in Oxford!  I’ve never been before, but have been attending various events for work.  It has been such a great experience so far, especially seeing our authors having an absolute blast.  The Blackwell’s tent is fabulous and contains an excellent selection of books.  I’ll be there all day tomorrow and really have to resist the lure of buying more.
Photo courtesty of Event Industry News

Reading roundup

March is over and I did my reading roundup for the month.  This is one of my favorite things to do; I love looking back and seeing what I read, didn’t read, and bought over the course of the month.  It’s just so satisfying and helps me plan ahead for what I’d like to read.  I also love to check out other people’s roundups so if you’ve done one yourself, send me a link!
I’m using this photo everywhere, sorry.

Kitty corner

The Ladies have been slacking off on their reading in favor of basking in the sunbeams.  Spring is finally here and they couldn’t be more pleased.  There are plenty of birds and bugs outdoors so they have plenty to look at and play with.  Life is good.
Until next week!

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