Instagram Sundays

It’s time for a wee roundup of the week from Instagram.  Tea, kitties, Margaret Atwood, and more!



This week was a rough one because I woke up on Monday morning with a really awful migraine.  I was out of work all day.  When I came in on Tuesday, I found my coworker had lent me her copy of The Handmaid’s Tale!  I’ve never read this and am really excited to dive in.  I’ve been avoiding it because honestly it sounds absolutely terrifying, but I feel it’s something that’s sadly really relevant today.



My Hatchards book showed up on Tuesday!  This is a great monthly book subscription service from the UK’s oldest operating bookshop.  My mum got me a one year subscription as a birthday gift last year — it alternates fiction and nonfiction.  And it comes wrapped up in a pretty package.



I tried to take a photo of my Hatchards book, but Dax snuck her way into the shoot.  What a smug look!



I’ve written about how much I adored Becky Chambers’ The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet before, and I’ve just started the sequel.  It’s a split narrative that has a much stronger structure than the first book.  I’m really loving it!


I didn’t particularly enjoy Heartless, but it did start a serious craving for baked goods and tea.  Homemade red velvet cupcakes match the cover really well!


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One thought on “Instagram Sundays

  1. I really need to read A Closed and Common Orbit! I just finished The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet a month or two ago and I just loved the characters. I didn’t really enjoy Heartless either but that picture made me really want a cupcake!! LOL

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