Instagram Sundays

I’m a pretty avid bookstagramer and I love sharing photos of my books.  Sundays will be a roundup of this week’s photos, because who doesn’t like book pics?


img_20170313_210854_581.jpgIt’s the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s death this year, so I plan to finish up her major works.  Only two to go!  Persuasion is my absolute favorite and I recently read Sense and Sensibility and really enjoyed it.  I’m looking forward to diving in to these two!




This week was London Book Fair.  It’s the second largest industry trade show in publishing (after Frankfurt).  I went for my day job and spent the day checking out seminars, networking, and meeting up with old colleagues.  I also managed to meet up with some of the students who are on the publishing masters I completed last year — it was great to dispense some advice I wish I had at that point!



Dax was caught luxuriating with my copy of Shadow and Bone.  She usually bolts if she sees me approach with a book and my phone, so I’m glad I got a shot.  Don’t mind my feet making an appearance in this one.



I’ve just started this and I absolutely love it!  I finished up Six of Crows last weekend and it totally blew me away.  I feel like most YA readers know all about these two, but they’re essentially Ocean’s 11 meets fantasy.  I love a good heist novel.  I’ll be reviewing them at some point — keep an eye out!



My favorite picture.  I was caught cuddling Sophia on Saturday morning.  She’s a big fan of books (because it means we sit on the couch for hours on end).


If you’d like to see more photos, follow me on Instagram.  Also, feel free to send me your Instagram handle!  I love seeing other bookstagram accounts.

Happy Sunday everyone!  I hope you hada great weekend and are ready to take on the week.

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