5 for Friday

It’s time for 5 for Friday!  The best bits of a very bookish week.

1) London Book Fair!

I attended London Book Fair for my day job.  The second largest publishing industry trade show, LBF is a time for publishers to sell rights, make sweet deals, pick up some free tote bags, see colleagues from foreign countries, and network with other publishing professionals.  There’s seminars, panels, author talks, and events for people in all aspects of the industry.  I attended a little bit of everything, including a drinks reception for the wonderful organisation Publishing Scotland.  I saw a bunch of the students who are currently on the masters program I completed last year, and they’re all lovely!  I also got to reconnect with some of the publishers that I had interned for last year.  All in all, a great day!

2) Tiny book haul

I think it’s time to give up on the concept of No Buy March — I have failed in a spectacular way.  Here’s my latest tiny book haul.

I’ve been meaning to read The Bone Season for ages and I know the latest book just came out!  Seems as good a time as any to pick this one up.  I am obsessed with Six of Crows and am going to dive into The Crooked Kingdom here soon, so I grabbed Shadow and Bone to start.  And finally, I’ve not managed to read any of Sarah J. Maas’s books, but I’ve been hearing so much good stuff about A Court of Thornes and Roses that I decided to pick it up.

3) Red Sister

Ahhhh!  I managed to nab an ARC of Red Sister by Mark Lawrence.  A great grimdark author and all-around good dude, I really like I’ve read by Mark Lawrence.  I can’t wait to dive in!

4) Oathbringer cover release!!

I’m obsessed with Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive.  If you like your fantasy epic and your books thick, this is a series to check out.  The third book of 10 is due out in November, and TOR released the cover artwork!  There’s a pretty big spoiler smack in the middle of it, so I wont post a picture.  Here’s a link if you haven’t already seen it!

5) Fluffy corner

The Ladies continue their judgmental glaring from their kitty beds.  They’ve decided that I too make an excellent kitty bed, and I keep waking up with one on my legs and one on my chest.  Not the most comfortable way for me to sleep, but I’m happy if they’re happy.  I’m also sleep-deprived.

Where do you think you’re going, young lady?

Happy weekend, everyone!

4 thoughts on “5 for Friday

    1. Is that a good ‘hoo’ or a bad ‘hoo’? I keep seeing them everywhere so I figured I should give them a go. I’ll report back!

      The MSc students are feeling just like we did at that point last year. Take from that what you will :p


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