5 for Friday

Time for 5 for Friday!  The best bits of the week. 

1)  Oops I did it again: bookshop edition

Okay, so this was supposed to be ‘No Buy March’.  No books were going to be bought!  I was going to read down my TBR!  So naturally that didn’t happen.  I went to the bookshop with my parents in London on Sunday.  Then I went again in Oxford on Tuesday.  Oops.  No Buy March starts now!  it’s only 10 days late.


2) Instagram!

I (or ‘we’, as I think most people come for the cat pics) have passed the 200-follower mark on Instagram.  I’m so pleased!  It’s certainly a nice feeling to chat and compare notes with other book lovers.  Also, books are just so photogenic.



3) Six of Crows

I started this on Wednesday and seriously, wow.  I haven’t read any of the other books set in this world, but it instantly pulled me in and the background wasn’t difficult to pick up.  There are few things better than a solid fantasy heist (pick up Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn if you like Six of Crows).  It’s the ultimate pleasure read!  I’m planning to finish it up this weekend.



4) Miss Jane Austen

It’s the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s death this year and I decided to fill in the gaps in my Austen reading.  I’ve just picked up Mansfield Park and Emma from the library, they’re the only two of her major works that I haven’t read.  I’m a big fan — Persuasion is my favorite.  It’s totally underrated but has the most relatable heroine.



5) Fluffy corner

Sophia has become an insufferable diva since her rise to Instagram fame.  Dax still hides from the paparazzi — she flees every time she sees me approach with a book and my phone.  She will not be used in such a way!


Have a great weekend, all!


3 thoughts on “5 for Friday

      1. I’ve had Crooked Kingdom sitting on my shelf forever now because I know I didn’t have time to read it when it was released but I’m so excited to read it when I need a break from 2017 new releases!

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