February Reading Round-up

February has been a strong month for book buying.  I should probably lay off a bit in March.  You may also notice that I’ve slacked off on my reading resolutions this month.  Oops!

Books read:

I got to do some serious reading this month!  I really loved almost all of these books, I didn’t really read anything too disappointing (with one exception).  I think Hold Back the Stars, March, and Luna: New Moon were among my favorites for the month.

Currently reading:

John Scalzi is brilliantly funny and a great sci-fi writer, as already evidenced by the first 5% of The Collapsing Empire.  I don’t think it will take me long to get through it.  I’m also enjoying Heartless, which is the story of the Queen of Hearts before Alice’s adventures in Wonderland.  It has a hint of cheesiness to it, as I think most retellings do, but I am enjoying it so far.  It also has an absolutely brilliant cover.

Books I bought:

* digital books

Okay, I might have gone a little bit overboard with book buying this month.  In my defense, I did get a Kindle and those last five were on sale for pretty cheap.  Also, I did read a lot of the books that I bought so far this year!

Also feeding my reading addiction this month was NetGalley.  I’ve known about this site for a long time but have never really been in a position to get an account.  As a reviewer, I can request advance reading copy (ARC) from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.  You might have seen ARC reviews popping up here, that’s where those books come from!  I’ve had the privilege to read some pretty amazing stuff — and some not so amazing stuff.

I hope everyone has had a happy month of reading!  What are some of the best books you’ve picked up this month?

2 thoughts on “February Reading Round-up

  1. You, like me, are buying books faster than you can read them. I got so many books at Christmas and had so many left over from last year that I swore I would read everything on my bedside table before I bought any more. But then Mum dragged me to Hatchards. And then we went to the British Library and bought a couple of books from the book shop. Then we went to the Samuel Johnson house and bought a couple of more. Then we were going to Rome so I had to pull Robert Hughes book off the bookshelf (instead of the bedside table). I have read 12 books since Christmas but I am still falling behind. The books are piling up on the bedside table. Good thing they don’t have earthquakes in London.

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