5 for Friday

This week has somehow flown by for me.  Here are some of the best bits:

I’ve always been somewhat obsessed with space.  If my brain could actually understand the math and science I would have been an astronomer, but I settled for science fiction instead.
You all have probably heard the news from NASA’a press conference by now.  Seven new planets have been discovered orbiting a distant star, some of which could host life as we know it!  How freaking cool is that?  It’s safe to say I lost my mind when I heard.  I look forward to hearing more as they gather more data.
2) Philip Pullman
My reading confession is that I’ve never actually read His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman.  They seem to be such an essential part of one’s childhood, but somehow they always passed me be.  I picked them up from my local Waterstones earlier this week.  The poor girl behind the counter was horrified that I had never read them, as were my mother and sister, so I plan to start as soon as I clear some books out of my TBR pile.  Stay tuned!
3) This panda
download4) The People vs. O. J. Simpson
I was a kid growing up in LA when news of Nicole Simpson’s murder broke.  I think I was probably about six years old, but even at that young and spacey age I remember bits and pieces of the resulting news coverage and conviction.  I first heard about this new show on My Favorite Murder and had been waiting desperately for The Simpsons, as Karen and Georgia call it, to come to UK Netflix.  And it’s here!!  We’ve powered through three episodes so far and it is pretty amazing.  The acting is fantastic and Cuba Gooding Jr, Sarah Paulson, and John Travola in particular are just incredible.  You all should seriously check it out.
5) Fluffy corner
There is a lot of staring to report this week, see below.
Happy weekend!

One thought on “5 for Friday

  1. I want to watch the OJ Simpson miniseries. I remember driving past the press chaos in downtown LA when it was all going on. I also remember watching the low speed OJ chase on the TV in La Fiesta Grande in Pasadena. Crazy time.

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